About Stonington Soccer Club

Who we are:

The Stonington Soccer Club is a private, non-profit, all-volunteer run soccer club established for girls and boys who express the desire and commitment to participate in soccer. We belong to the Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA) which is affiliated with the United States Youth Soccer Association (USYSA). We play in the Southeast District of the CJSA. We are governed by all the rules and regulations of bothCJSA and USYSA. Club business is decided by an elected Board of Directors.

Who can play:

We offer both girls and boys teams in the u8, u9, u10, u11, u12, u13, u14 and u15 age groups. Any youth from Stonington or surrounding communities who has the desire and commitment to train and play competition soccer is eligible. Beginning in the fall of 2019, Stonington Soccer Club is pleased to welcome players in the u4 to u8 age groups, birth years 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012. Players in the u7 and u8 age groups have the option to join CJSA league play as well as their training sessions.

Our mission:

To provide a safe, fun environment for fitness training, soccer training and development. Emphasis is on skill building, team work, fair play, sportsmanship, and developing an overall understanding and passion for soccer. Part of the development process can lead to higher levels of competition such as district premier teams, and varsity high school play.

Our facility:

The Stonington Soccer Club field is located on Taugwonk Road in Stonington, at the Exit 91 off Route 95, next to the commuter parking lot. Our present field is approx. 65 yards wide x 110 yards long, serviced by an irrigation system. It is maintained by Club members on a volunteer basis, primarily our volunteer Field Coordinator. We also have a 24 x 48 foot all-purpose building, which serves asmaintenance/storage garage, concession stand and meeting hall.

Recognized age divisions:

The eligibility date for our boys and girls team is based on their birth year.

SSC U10-U14 Guidelines for Coaches and Parents:


The following guidelines are meant to clarify to coaches and to parents the Stonington Soccer Club's (SSC) policy regarding player development and winning. In short, SSC encourages playing to develop which will lead to long-term success on the soccer field. SSC is committed to the proposition that winning (the outcome) is a byproduct of player development and learning (the process). SSC believes that one of the most effective ways to get players excited about soccer is to show them that they are improving as individuals and as a team. When this happens, it builds confidence, momentum, and optimism.

RecPlus v. Classic

A team designated as "RecPlus" is comprised of new and developing players. A "Classic" team is made up more advanced players. The guiding principle of both RecPlus and Classic is the same: player development through fun and structured activities.


At U10, the focus should be on having fun and player development. Moreover, the primary objective of game participation and training is to provide the players with equal learning opportunities. Consequently, all U10 players will receive equal playing time. Furthermore, player rotation from attack to defense will be encouraged to allow greater understanding of the game.


Similar to U10, the focus at U12 is on player development and a positive learning experience. At this age, greater consideration is given to player placement on RecPlus and Classic teams based on a number of factors including mental and physical preparedness and soccer skills. There are abundant opportunities for RecPlus players to participate in Classic games and vice versa.

On U12 RecPlus teams, player rotation will be encouraged and equal playing time for league games will be the goal.

U12 Classic players will also be encouraged to play different positions on the field. In addition, for league games, each Classic player will play for an extended period of time, with the goal of playing at least half of the game. This includes RP players invited to play in Classic games.


At the U14 level, careful consideration needs to be placed on balancing between (1) developing individuals and a team and (2) finding ways to win, which at this age, becomes part of the competitive process.

At both U14 RecPlus and Classic levels, the coach will make a concerted effort to play players (rostered players and call ups) significant minutes while keeping the team competitive.

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